Spanjaard supports Blane De Meillon

Trusted by Experts, Used by Professionals

Blane De Meillon, professional racing driver has been using Spanjaard products since the 1980’s and we are proud to show our support to Blane as a product sponsor. He competed in the National Formula Vee for 15 years and continues to race in the Formula Libre and Historic Racing Tours (pre ’82 formula Vee single seater). Blane recalls some personal experiences using Spanjaard products:

“I started using Spanjaard’s ‘E’ Engine Oil Supplement on my Formula Vee racing car in the 1980’s and as a result, we had not suffered a single engine seizure since we started using the product.”

“We also use Spanjaard Gearbox & Differential and experienced exceptional results when a comrade of mine could not select the reverse gear in his Formula Vee. As soon as we applied the product, the reverse gear was immediately accessible.”

“I recall another experience using Spanjaard Gearbox & Differential when I bought a Jetta 3 from my employer in 2000 which I had driven since new. Straight after purchasing the car, I encountered gearbox selection problems.   I took the vehicle to the VW agent in Vereeniging who advised that I should purchase an exchange gearbox for about R8000,00. In desperation I put Spanjaard Gearbox & Differential in the gearbox and the gearbox was fine thereafter until I sold the car in 2011.”

Spanjaard supports Blane De Meillon - Featured Image